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Tutorial : Hello World!

MON, 29 SEP 2014

This tutorial will explain how to install GT.M, DataBallet, and your first "hello world" web page.

Pre-condition : A newly installed Debian GNU/Linux (testing). I did a net-install and selected only "standard system utilities" and "ssh server". After boot, I also installed "sudo" and "unzip".

Installing GT.M :

laurent@debian:~$ sudo apt-get install fis-gtm

Simple, isn't it?

Install DataBallet :

laurent@debian:~$ wget

laurent@debian:~$ unzip

Not that bad. Now you can run it.

laurent@debian:~$ cd DataBallet-master/

laurent@debian:~/DataBallet-master$ ./script/ start

Starting DataBallet.

Checking for DataBallet.

DataBallet is running.

And you can verify that it isn't lying.

laurent@debian:~/DataBallet-master$ ps -ef | grep mumps

laurent 2377 1 0 14:04 pts/0 00:00:00 /usr/lib/fis-gtm/V6.0-003_x86_64/mumps -run start^databallet

laurent 2380 1 0 14:04 ? 00:00:00 /usr/lib/fis-gtm/V6.0-003_x86_64/mumps -direct

laurent 2382 1 0 14:04 ? 00:00:00 /usr/lib/fis-gtm/V6.0-003_x86_64/mumps -direct

The default will serve (on port 8080) the content of "/var/www/localhost/htdocs/", which will probably exist and contain stuff if you have another web server already installed.

If you're tired and want to stop DataBallet.

laurent@debian:~/DataBallet-master$ ./script/ stop

Stoping DataBallet.

Simple Hello World :

laurent@debian:~$ mkdir web

laurent@debian:~$ vim.tiny web/index.html

laurent@debian:~$ cat web/index.html

<html></p><p><head></p><p><title>Hello, World!</title></p><p></head></p><p><body></p><p>Welcome to DataBallet's world.</p><p></body></p><p></html>

laurent@debian:~$ cd DataBallet-master/

laurent@debian:~/DataBallet-master$ cp conf/default.conf conf/helloworld.conf

Edit conf/helloworld.conf :

Change : set conf("routing","*","/")="do handle^static(""/home/laurent/web/"")"

laurent@debian:~/DataBallet-master$ ./script/ start conf/helloworld.conf

Starting DataBallet.

Checking for DataBallet.

DataBallet is running.

laurent@debian:~/DataBallet-master$ curl



<title>Hello, World!</title>


Welcome to DataBallet's world.



laurent@debian:~/DataBallet-master$ ./script/ stop

Stoping DataBallet.