A different approach

Complete solution

DataBallet provides a streamlined web server, request handlers for static content or dynamic web applications, and access to a high-throughput multi-dimensional array database engine.

Sensible defaults are included for the database engine, but everything can be customized to your needs, especially if your database already exist.


Thanks to its underlying engine, DataBallet is immune to SQL injection. Depending on your needs, you can also use database encryption, data-replication, and journaling.

Whether you are building a simple web page or a critical web application that needs to support your business continuity plan, DataBallet will help you achieve your goals.


DataBallet is powered by GT.M, which is widely used in the health care and financial services industries. You can sleep peacefully knowing that your data is safe and your service is accessible.

The integration of all three layers (server, framework, and database) allow for a more streamlined offering with reduced overhead. This allow you to focus only on your web page or application and leave the tools alone.